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    I find inspiration in watching other artists work. I have my own particular style that is always changing due to my observations of other artists. My ability to improve is partly due to these kind artists who volunteer their time to produce videos to inspire others. I wanted to in turn continue this movement by producing my own videos. The Brushes & Bytes Video Blog is on my youTube channel and it focuses not just on my art, but art in general. Come check out my process and hear my ramblings about the art world in general.

    In addition to the video blog, I also have produced a couple of videos from a number of years back. These two videos will not be found on youTube as I like to keep a few surprises on my website. I hope you enjoy my cheesy music video.

    My Special Videos

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  • Past and Present Shows

    • Northern California Arts 58th Bold Expressions International Exhibit
    • Featuring "My First Car"
    • October 1st - 26th 2013
    • Presented at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center
    • The theme of this show was to be bold.
    • The show included 99 works from over 70 artists working in oil, pastel, pencil, and more.The show was juried by Barry Sakata.
    • Visit the Sacramento Fine Arts Center
  • About the Artist

    I have seen enough of this world – paint me a new one!” That is my motto when working the canvas. It is not that I have anything against the world I live in. To the contrary, I love my life and I love the beauty that can be found in it. However, as majestic as nature is, as dramatic as the human condition can be, there is simply no match for the infinity that is the imagination. Whatever the imagination creates can be transferred to canvas. From the time I was born I was always fascinated with color. Colors play an important part of the memories I have as a child. I was always doodling in school and daydreaming of places that I knew did not exist. I loved creating grand worlds in my mind and hoping to some day travel there. Eventually I started to draw what I was imagining and then I simply kept on imagining and drawing. This drawing eventually led me to build up the courage to attempt oil painting and so here I am. I hope that as you look at my work, it takes you on a trip into your own imagination. It's good to imagine; then to paint what you imagine; then share what you painted with the world.

    Want a particular painting? I'm open to commissions. Please email me at for pricing information.