When Worlds Collide

This is what happens when worlds collide.
On this day, we would finally be free of taxes.

Months ago I was laying in bed quietly and in the dark. My mind, as it always does at 1am, started to run, no…sprint, and I was forced to chase it down. Before I could catch it and finally drift into the land of slumber I had a funny idea about my future works of art.

I enjoy most subjects to paint, but I admit that I am most interested in the genre that gives me the most problems – portraits. There are two problems for me when it comes to painting portraits. The first problem is that I want to paint portraits but I realize there isn’t much interest in buying a portrait unless it was commissioned by the buyer or it happens to be someone whom the buyer knows about and loves. The second problem I have is that I’m just not that good at portraits. I confess that I could simply duplicate a portrait to get a likeness but then I am locked into that pose and I want to paint from life – not from a photograph. These problems generate a catch-22 for me. I need to paint more portraits to become a better portrait artist, but I also need to sell a painting or two before my home is flooded with canvases. Perhaps I needed to generate a portrait of well known people in the news, or characters from books or movies. Hmmm……movies. I have some experience there.

So while these thoughts crossed my mind in the middle of the night, I started to think about the movie paintings I have done for my brother these last 6 years. I have covered 5 movies all together but none of them really focused on a person so much as a scene. The scenes were narratives and were trying to pass along the feeling of being a character in the film. Why not take it a step further and try to convey a character’s personality on canvas? But again, a simple portrait is unlikely to generate any interest from potential buyers so how can I create interest in this idea? Wouldn’t it be nice to grab a fantasy world, then grab another fantasy world, then smash them together into a super-duper-hypothetical-and-perhaps-hysterical-world-that-creates-a-strong-response-from-the-viewer (takes a breath)? Ah, now I have something.

So today I announce the beginning of a new genre for my art; I call it “Character Mash-ups.” The idea is to take a well known character and have him or her interact with another well known character from a completely different and unrelated story. Perhaps these are fictitious characters or perhaps they are historical, but the point is that the encounter will be the result of a commonality between them.  I will be looking for a humorous slant for most of these works, but I might invoke a little drama in them too. I have already started on my first project and I think the subject is pretty silly. I hope to get a laugh and a sale out of this. I can hear you screaming now, “Enough! What are you painting?” Ah…well check back next week for a sneak preview.

Hehe….I’m such a joker.