The Time Monkey

I’m engaged in a new battle. It’s an epic battle we have all fought at one point in time. You’ve sensed him hiding in the shadows. You turn – he’s out of sight, but giggling in the dark. He wants to control you. He wants to rule you. He is persistent. He is relentless. He is…..the Time Monkey.

The Time Monkey
"You will never paint again!!! have a banana?"

Yes this rotten villain delights in grand theft. He wants to rob you. He desires not your money or your car. What he wants you cannot touch and yet you can feel it. What he wants you cannot see and yet you know it’s there. What he desires is your precious free time. I have met the monkey and I can say he is tenacious. He’s stealing my precious painting time from me. I have had less time to work on my projects these last few weeks and I am trying to organize my time better so I can continue to paint and complete my current projects. I want to complete the current works so I can move on to more ideas that I have in my head. When did this Time Monkey walk into my life? – when I started a new job last month. The newly found employment was a blessing but it has also become a challenge to figure out my time to paint.

I used to paint in the evening and into the late night. But my job requires me to be up earlier so I really cannot afford to paint too late anymore. That’s really a bummer because I’m a night owl and my creative energy comes out at night. As the situation is now, I can only paint late on the weekends. This isn’t stopping me from coming up with new ideas though. I log my best ideas in a notebook for future consideration.

I have a targeted date of completion for my Joker and Holiday painting – July 16th. I’m not sure if I will make it though. This date represents the time it will take for the painting to fully dry before submission into an art show here in Sacramento. If I cannot make it then this painting will have to be my entry into another art show in October. Sorry for the teases on this painting but it really has been a difficult project. Portraits are unforgiving. If the face doesn’t resemble who you are capturing then the painting just doesn’t work. I’m feeling now that I may finally be on the right track now. Please stay tuned for more updates and a video on the creation of this work.

Now I’m off to throw that Monkey out and get back to work. Happy 4th of July!