The Move and the Return to the Easel

It’s been a while huh? Yep I’m back. To say it has been a busy 9 months would be an understatement. What have I been into since my last post? Ah not much really; just raising an infant into toddler-hood, dealing with medical issues with my wife, packing up and moving out of our rented house, searching and finally buying our first home – you know, the usual stuff.

The Struggle Goes on
The Struggle Goes on

Really though, this has been the busiest year of my life. I have lost some hair along the way to mark the times. Painting was always my therapy to cope with the stress of life and I simply have not had time to paint during the past year. There have been a few nights here and there where I have an hour or two, but by then I’m usually too tired to think and I don’t like to start something if my mind doesn’t feel up to making great progress. Frustration? Absolutely. Resolve? Always.

So here we are again and I’m starting to get the time to paint again. In my new studio too! Yes I have a new place to paint and with more space comes more inspiration and drive to complete new works. I think I’ll also have photographs and a video about my new painting studio. A little more space and more light to create an atmosphere for creativity and optimism. However, before I can start my first new painting in my new studio, I need to finish what I started over a year ago – the Goonies painting.

The Goonies painting has proven to be a frustrating experience. I’ve repainted the figures many times already and sometimes feel like I’m going in circles. If we’re to learn from our mistakes, then I’m probably in line for a PhD about now. Unlike that Disney painting that I started all those years ago, and gathers dust in my closet, I WILL finish this work. I’m driven by the passion for the hobby and the interest in the subject. I’ll have updates on my Facebook page and Instagram soon.

Well what am I doing here typing? I should be painting! We’ll talk soon.