That’s no Space Station – it’s a Westfalia!

I have just uploaded a new video of my latest painting, “How the Westfalia was won.” I know this piece just came out of the blue, but it was a gift for a friend. He owns a Westfalia and so I thought I would pay tribute to him and his special vehicle. I haven’t forgotten about the Goonies painting; I’m working on it again as we speak. I needed a mental break from that painting though as the last year has been so hectic that I haven’t had time to really focus on it. Back to the Westfalia, I had no idea there was a subculture around this vehicle. Doing some research online and talking to my friend, these vehicles not only represent freedom to thier owners, but they also sell for a pretty penny too. In some cases, models from the early 80’s are hitting six figures! People customize their rides for living on the road and hook up with other drivers for swapping stories about their travels. That’s like a throwback to how America was once looked at: Everybody going after their own dream with just their ambition and total freedom along for the ride. Ahh the gold ole days.