Painting the Fog is Painting the Mystery

Fog River
Fog River (2015) by Ryan Williams
My most recent project, Fog River, had been in my head since last winter. Of all the seasons, I firmly beleive winter holds the greatest mystery. The windy nights, cloudy days, and foggy mornings seem to all hold back a secret. Fog River was painted with the intention of capturing that mystery. A lot of people hold winter to represent death in the cycle of life while spring is the rebirth. I’m not sure I hold the same viewpoint. With all of the active weather we see in winter, wind and rain etc., I equate that activity to the rapid development of a new life in the womb. I think the actual ‘death’ symbolically takes place on the last day of autumn. I mean really – when you’re dead you’re dead. Do we really think winter is about dying over and over again? No way. Winter is Mother Nature’s way of saying, “I’m expecting again.”

I guess I have a different perspective on the seasons and the cycle of life especially since I just had my first child this summer. It was a challenge to complete a painting while tending to a newborn. I ended up painting a lot in the middle of the night since I was up for the feedings and changing already. The windows for painting were very small that first month, but after a week of sneaking in short painting sessions, Fog River is what I now present. I enjoy the occassional landscape as it’s a nice reprieve from the minutia of portrait and figure painting. If you would like to purchase the original or a reproduction then please visit my store.

Up next….it’s our time down here!