Forget Waldo. Where’s Santa?

Wheeler as Santa. Ryan Williams Blog.
Wheeler placing himself in a Caravaggio painting.

Recognize that guy with the beard? Isn’t it fun to sometimes step away from the stress of reality and indulge your senses in the whimsical? Well the holidays ARE about joy,love, and laughter, unless all of this commercialism has voided your memory, and so I found another source of silly fun to provide some smiles this Christmas season. Are you familiar with that fat guy who wears red and only works one day a year? Well it looks like he’s going mainstream now. Yep, it looks like Santa is all about exploiting himself.

Caravaggio Painting with Santa on Ryan Williams Art Blog
Santa Invades a Caravaggio Painting

The man behind this holiday fun is Ed Wheeler. He’s an artist who has fun with photo manipulation and digital paint to recreate these classic paintings in a new light. There is no heavy analysis here – these are simply visual one-liners grabbing for that quick chuckle. Hey if you can’t at least smile at this stuff then you’re taking yourself too serious right?

I hope you enjoy this fun site and all of the pictures therein. I’ll be back after the holiday with new videos and new paintings to show. God bless us everyone.

Merry Christmas art lovers!

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