Video Gallery Opens with “My Bonny”

Happy Friday art lovers! While the look and feel of my website is still a work in progress, today I announce the grand opening of the video gallery! (Hold your applause) The video gallery will be the home of short films that I create that contain art related material. Some features will be small thoughts on upcoming projects, others will be a post-mortem on recently completed projects, and then there will be films that are painting session peek-ins that take you from the beginning to the end of one of my paintings.

That is the content of the first video. In episode 1, “My Bonny”, you will see how I just recently completed my latest work. It’s a dog portrait of my puppy – her name is Bonny. While the painting is the focus of the film, Bonny does make an appearance or two. Actually when I started painting her, I found out that she doesn’t like the sound of a brush hitting the canvas. She tried on more than one occasion to jump up on the easel. Perhaps she was trying to tell me that I made her nose too big or her ears too long. Eh, everyone’s a critic and she knows where she gets her food so if she knows what’s good for her she will just keep quiet – but I digress. The painting spanned over 2 weeks but only took about 5 days worth of work. I was ill during those weeks so painting was difficult and I find it to be a bad idea to paint when ill. Overall I am happy with the portrait. I did make her look proud and regal as I like the old classical portrait look. But make no mistake about it – she is a fire cracker and if you don’t keep your eye on her at all times you might lose a sock or two.

This is the second dog portrait I have done (check out “Little Skipper”). I enjoy these animal portraits because it feels like I can capture a moment in time that sparks many fond memories of a pet. That is how I felt when my wife Rachel commissioned an artist to do a portrait of my childhood dog Spot. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the painting because my mind went immediately to 1984 when I was 7 years old and we had just brought home our new dog for the first time. I figure 20 years from now I will have similar feelings looking at this painting that I did of Bonny.

I hope you enjoy this painting and I hope the video is interesting for you. I like watching other artists because I find the creation process fascinating. When an artist goes from a white canvas of nothing to a fully realized vision then I just think it’s a amazing thing. That is one of the reasons I loved watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. He inspired me as a kid that I could not only be a painter, but that I could do anything.

Once again, the look of the site is still under consideration, but the content will keep on coming. I have to put aside those perfectionist tendencies when designing something otherwise it never sees the light of day. Thanks for checking it out and more to follow. See ya soon!

Go to the videos tab or click here: My Bonny

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. I may add a comment section on the gallery page but for now the blog will suffice in containing any comments or questions. I still have a lot of general features that I would like to add to the site first.

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